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A bunker survey report is a user-friendly bunker oil calculation tool for all ships, ship owners, and chief engineers. A bunker survey is carried out to measure and ascertain the number of bunkers onboard at a specific time. This survey reports the amount of bunker, fuel oil (FO) and diesel oil(DO), and sometimes lubricating oil(LO) onboard. A bunker survey can be a valuable loss control tool in locating cargo whose difference in loss is higher than usual.

If there is an unaccountable gain in bunker tanks or bunker volumes that cannot be reconciled, a bunker survey can help identify the causes. Even though the vessel's fuel system is intrinsically separate from the cargo system, intentional or unintentional cargo diversion can take place and should be monitored, specifically where cargo gets used as bunker fuel. Comparisons are to what the bunker volumes should be based on, the last fuel intake and normal consumption versus what was found. Save the time of an engineer who needs to calculate manually and avoid human calculation errors, and accurate calculation for quantities with the Bunker survey report function.