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Accurate cargo weight calculation is required for accurate stability calculation.

The mole weights of various LPG products (VCM, Ammonia, Butane and Ethylene, etc.) are predefined for LPG cargo calculation. LPG cargo is divided into liquid and vapor, and accurate volume and weight are calculated according to changes in density and temperature. Calculation based on ASTM 54, 54E table is also supported.

SHIPMANGER-88 complies with ASTM D1250 standard calculation methods for accurate calculation of Petroleum product cargoes (Generalized crude oils, refined products and lubricating oils). ASTM D1250 provides algorithms and implementation procedures for obtaining correction values for the effect of temperature and pressure on density and volume of a liquid as described in API MPMS Chapter 11.1. The pre-calculated VCF values from previous ASTM 6, 24, 54 and 60 tables are calculated in real time as CTL values considering the temperature and pressure of the base, alter, and observed step in ASTM D1250.