In the year 1982, Techmarine S/W Co., Ltd. decided to be a pioneer in the development of the loading computer system "Ship Manager - 88"

  • Following the decision, our first major challenge was to develop the world finest loading calculation system for container ship, bulk carrier, tanker and Ro/Ro ship.
  • For around 20 years Techmarine S/W Co., Ltd. has excelled at developing loading computer that are technologically advanced and achieved the highest levels of performance in marine industry.
  • Loading computer system "Ship Manager-88" was developed in 1982 and since then it has versioned up its functions and features constantly. Our general software has been approved by main leading Classification Societies and until now, a good many vessels have been equipped with "Ship Manager - 88" program.
  • "Ship Manager - 88" enables you to verify promptly its stability, trim, drafts and deflection of the hull. At the same time, it calculates stability and strength automatically. The program gives you a visible window information about calculated results for the current loading condition.
  • The standard version of "Ship Manager - 88" satisfies the specific classification society requirements and it is possible to incorporate your suggestions into the software with a full information and support.
  • We provide continuous help and advice after delivery for the customer. The ships' crew will be given a thorough training in every aspects of the software and online support is opened all the time. The loading computer will get continuous program maintenance with updated version of the software.
  • By combining innovative technology with the addition of new, high quality products, we are poised to further our foothold as one of the top loading computer companies in the world.
  • If you want to know more about our company, please get in touch with our office. We are always ready to support you and also a demo program is available at any time you request.



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