-Air Draft

- Intact Stability

-Share force & Banding moment

-Loading status

-Weather criteria

-Londing/Unloading sequence

  • Automatic calculation
  • Heeling angle calculation
  • Trim and heeling adjustment
  • Weather Criteria calculation
  • Hull deflection calculation
  • Check and simulate loading status
  • Loading/Dischanging sequence
  • Trim and Drafts(Perpendicular, Mark) calculation
  • Propeller immersion calculation
  • Air draft calculation : Enableds user to define and measure varius points
  • Draft(Fore, After, Mean) correction factor
  • Actual Displacement/Deadweight calculation
  • Static stability calculation
  • Shear force / Bending moment calculation
  • Damage stability calculation: Calculates Direct damage stability by 3D modeling
  • Electrical transmission of condition file by Email
  • Convert the condition file to Excel format
  • Auto-saving of condition file : user enable saving time to be defined
  • Access the data on CCR loading computer from another location
  • Print out PDF file without installation of PDF view program
  • Information for allowable draft range at every port all over the world
  • Module for Crane operation
  • Automatic alarm system
  • Emergency Response
  • 3D view : Graphical Vessel information (Hull shape/Quantity of each compartment)
  • Online connection with level gauge system







-Stowage plan

- Check irregular stowage

-Visibility calculation

-Lashing calculation

-IMDG Segregation

-IMDG code

  Lashing calculation

  • Check ship's overall lashing force and check permissible value
  • User can check quantities of 'Securing Devices list' such as Twist Lock, Lashing LOD, External LOD, Vertical LOD etc.

  Check irregular stowage

  • Over stowage/Flying Container
  • Duplicate/Irregular Container No.
  • IMDG Conflict, Over Stack Weight
  • Heatch cover clearance
  • Not allowed highcube position

  IMDG Segregation (Latest version)

  • :Covers all Dangerous Goods segregation under IMDG code which enables user to check the conflict according to the regulation

  Visibility information

  • Calculates invisible distance (blind/Clear sector) considering each actual container's height and length.
  • Advise user to move which container to secure blind sector.

  Varius EDI format

  Smart Report(Dangerous Goods, Reefer, General, Special report, etc.)





-Grain stability calculation

- Cargo mass

-Hold flooded calculation

  Grain stability calculation

  • Due to heeling during grain's moving at each tank(or hold) when bulk carrier transport cargoes like grain, coal and ore, helling moment takes place at hull. User can check the grains stability condition.

  Cargo Mass

  • The mass of cargo and double bottom contents in way of each hold or any two adjacent hold as a function of draught at mid-hold position.

  Hold flooded condition calculation

  • Calculate the strength and stability according to the damage of hull when the ingression of sea-water takes place at each hold.

  Module for Break-Bulk loading

  Assist the user when user loads various kind of product in different size.

  Adjust seawater density

  Smart Report (Draft survey, NCB, Canadian AMSA Report)



-Tank Input

- Cargo grade setting

-Ullage Report

-Loading status

  Tank Input

  • Automatic display of the weight, volume, temperature, filling percentage LCG, TCG, VCG according to the value received from tank monitoring system

  Cargo grade setting

  • User can setup cargo grade with PM Table.
  • Calculates value based on latest ASTM(Table 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 54A, 54B, 54C, 24A, 24B, 24D)
  • calculates the weight by Density correction and temperature correction with PM Table.

  Smart format report (Ullage / OBQ / ROB)

  • List information of remaining amout of cargo tanks. Height, width and sounding measuring proint calculations of each tank can be manually input and modified by users.
  • Provides useful report for chief/master such as ullage report OBQ/ROB report

  Segregation of cargo tank



-Damage case setting

- LPG (MOLE) setting

-LPG Report

  Damage case setting

  • Calculates the damage stability for pre-defined and user defined damage case.
  • User can set the damage case in damage compartment list.

  LPG(MOLE) setting

  • Enables User to select each available Liquefied Gas and simulate the Loading

  Smart Report

  • User can print out LPG cargo weight report.



-General plan

- Deck stowage plan

-3D view

  Car stowage planning program

  • User can load many cargoes at one time or one by one by selecting particular direction and specific location.
  • User can check loaded cargoes at a glance by POL/POD/CAR CODE.
  • Quick loading : loading a car to various positions
  • Block loading : Calculates the relevant type of car's number and position by setting up loading area automatically.
  • Definition of various car information
  • Re-stowage history
  • Car booking information and edition booking information
  • Zoom in & Zoom out for deck plan
  • Liftable deck control by section & deck height adjustment
  • Ship's general information
  • Port rotation
  • Clearance setting & Warning message
  • Error detecting & Protecting system

  Shifting : Weight of one compartment can be shifted onto another

   Flooding Ability Calculation : Simulate status of Displacement, Trim, List, GoM by pre-defined damage case.

   Loading Summary : Show tank plan page.

   Trim Adjust : Enable to adjust Trim by adding weight in two opposite tanks.



-Cargo filling rate

- Hull stress monitoring

 Cargo tank through cargo pump during loading/unloading when loading program is receiving level from level gauge and calculate 'Fill Rate' with CuM/h accordingly.

 Shipmanager-88 is abailable for all major level gauge system which monitors the contents of all tanks of the vessel. Shipmanager-88 reads current tank volumes of levels and display actual data(like draft-Aft/Fore) which are measured by level gauge system with sensor and provides results of strength and stability on the online mode.




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